Reliable Computer Repair

We can troubleshoot, diagnose, build, service, network, maintain and repair all PC & Mac Hardware & Software (Compaq, DELL, HP, Gateway, Sony, IBM, eMachine, Acer, PowerSpec, Alienware etc.). We will respond promptly and we’ll have you back in working order either the same day or the next day in most cases, because we know how important is for you to have your PC running.

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Data Transfer

If you are planning to upgrade or have recently purchased a new system there are more than likely files, pictures, music, movies, documents still residing on your old computer that you would like to either backup or transfer onto your new system.


Virus Removal

We perform all Virus Removal & Computer repair services via a secured connection so your privacy and data are 100% secure!


Data Backup

In the future do not take chances with your valuable data. We will gladly create a back-up copy of your important data onto an external hard drive, a different computer, a flash storage device, a CD or DVD, or our online data backup service to provide an extra level of security for your irreplaceable personal information.


Think You Need a New Computer?

Your computer is almost definitely worth repair, especially at our low prices! We will be the first to tell you if it isn\'t. Bring it in to us for a free estimate, and you will find that you would have to spend quite a bit more on a new computer than it would take to make yours just as fast!

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